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Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

The PDT is a fascinating therapy to treat skin cancer with light. Locally or systemically applied photosensitizers (substances that increace the sensitivity to light) accumulate selectively in tumor cells. The exact dimension of the tumor can be demonstrated under UV-light (fluorescence diagnostic). The tumor can be destroyed selectively while sparing sound tissue. 

Examples for fluorescence diagnostic: 


 sqamous cell carcinoma in a cat: the fluorescence marks the tumor


Indications for PDT:

  • superficial skin tumors (squamous cell carcinoma, basalioma)
  • virus-induced skin diseases (M. Bowen, sarcoids) 
  • Diseases of the oral cavity: (plasmacellular stomatitis, superficial tumors)

The usage of PDT in resistant periodontal diseases, slowly healing wounds and resistant bacteria is very promissing. 
The main advantage is the in most cases one single treatment is sufficient. 


Examples of PDT in the cat and the horse: 


1. Squamous call carcinoma in the nose of a cat: - before and after one single treatment 














2. Squamous call carcinoma around the eye of a cat: - before and after one single treatment  


















 3. Plasmacellular stomatitis in a cat: before and after treatment














4. PDT in a horse with a superficial tumor around the eye:


    Fluorescence before PDT /   original status   /      6 months after PDT